Buzz Cast Members

The Buzz Cast Members


The ultimate gizmo-gadget guy.  He is always on the cutting edge of technology and is a lifetime subscriber to Popular Science.  He has multiple computer and a "command central" setup in his room.  His fix-it knowledge is vast when it comes to electrical circuits and computer chips, but he will never be mechanical or greasy in any way. 


A hyperactive budding filmmaker.  She is never seen without her camera and is constantly concerned with how an even will fit into a documentary or new film idea.  She's a huge movie fan and student.  Her artistic eye is not limited to the medium of film.  She brings an out-of-the-box style to everything she touches. 


Adventurous, daredevil, extreme-sports guy.  He's mechanically inclined enough to keep his toys running in top condition.  He's ready to try anything.  Although he has great difficulty with schoolwork, his teachers all find it impossible not to like him.  He's driven and popular.  His adrenaline junkie habits fascinate his friends without alienating them. 


The quintessential renaissance kid.  When he's passionate about something, it involves his entire body and soul.  He entrances are a kid version of Kramer.  You never know what he's going to be carrying, wearing, or dragging.  His expertise is extremely wide ranging.  He is a dedicated re-enactor.  The exact nature and time of the event being re-enacted doesn't seem to matter to him.


Class president who is always up on the latest, coolest fashion.  She's dramatic, but extremely likable.  She's athletic, but involved in a wide range of activities.  She knows lots of people, but has few very close friends.  If you need to get it done, she's the one you look to.  She's a little insecure, and feels compelled to be the "good" girl, so she looks for attention by striving for perfection.  An overachiever, she will never settle for "good enough".


The nonconformist.  She defines her own style.  No one is quite sure what the rules for this style are.  She is definitely on her own path.  Some may even call her "strang".  Her thought process is always out-of-the-box.  She's considered an outsider in school.  She tends to be absent-minded.  She's all heart and all-caring about the next cause that captures her attention. 


Gordo's grandfather.  Mrs. Finkenhoeffer's father.

He has led an oddly adventurous life.  His ability to fix things around the clubhouse and the neighborhood is almost legendary.  He is the source of grandfatherly wisdom, but isn't flawless.  When he make mistakes, he admits them. 

Mrs. Finkenhoeffer

Gordo's mother.

She has become the neighborhood mom.  She understands the kids' world in a way that keeps her up to date on the latest fads and trends.  When a kid needs a sympathetic ear, it's often Mrs. F that is sought out.